Local rules

  • Ant mounds are considered a construction area.
    Rule 25-1b
  • Stones in bunkers are movable obstacles.
    Rule 24-1
  • Pegs that mark the distance of 150 metres from the centre of the green are not movable obstacles.
    Rule 24-1
  • If you hit an electricity or phone wire, pylon or strut you must immediately play again. Thus the first ball is out of play (20:5)
  • Water hazards are defined as any sea, lake, pond, stream, creek, ditch, open drainage ditch or other open water course (whether there is water or not).
  • Penalty for breach of local rules:
    Match play - Loss of hole; Stroke play - Two strokes

Please remember:

  • Pitcherforks are obligatory!
  • You’re welcome to fill in all ball marks you see on the green.
  • Replace divots on the fairway.
  • The cart must be left outside the green.
  • Rake the bunkers after you.

Players should play at a fast pace. If you lose contact with the players ahead of you and slow the players behind you, you should let the group behind you to go through, regardless of the number of players per ball.

Your place on the course is immediately behind the front ball, not immediately in front of the trailing ball!

We thank you for respecting these basic rules!